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Give your opinion on AIS and e-Charts until Jan. 3

CCNR survey on Inland AIS devices and electronic chart systems

“Your opinion counts!” >

The CCNR (Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine) wants to assess the implementation of the obligation to fit an Inland AIS device and a system for displaying electronic charts. Therefore skippers, authorities, and companies using these equipment are invited to take part in a survey on this item.
The survey is extended until next January 3.

The full press relase can be downloaded in     United-Kingdom(Great-Britain)       Netherlands       Germany       France

With a view to ensuring greater safety for navigation on the Rhine and providing skippers with more
information, the CCNR introduced an obligation to fit Inland AIS devices and Inland ECDIS or comparable devices for displaying electronic charts, in force since 1 December 2014.

Finding out about your experiences, difficulties and suggestions
The decision has been in force for two years now, and the CCNR would like to carry out an assessment
to find out what people’s experience of it has been and what difficulties have been encountered, thereby providing the parties affected by the new regulations with an opportunity to propose improvements. This will enable the CCNR to take account of grassroots requirements and constraints when drawing up
future regulations, and it is therefore inviting anyone who wishes to take part in the assessment of these prescriptions and their evolution to answer an anonymous on-line questionnaire.
This survey is accessible at: