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Large response on AIS and e-Charts survey

More than 90% of the replies from boatmasters.    United-Kingdom(Great-Britain)  France  Netherlands  Germany

The Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) is very pleased to have received more than 1000 replies to its survey on Inland AIS devices and systems for displaying electronic charts. The survey was filled in by boatman, authorities, and companies fitting the devices.
Over a period of two months, more than 1000 questionnaires were filled in completely and could be taken into account. In addition, more than 400 questionnaires were filled in incompletely, but were still exploitable and will add to the outcome.

Feedback for improvement necessary
After the AIS and electronic charts obligation had been in force for two years, the CCNR decided to launch an on-line survey in order to gain a better idea of the difficulties encountered by users and to enable the people concerned by these regulations to provide feedback with their suggestions for improvements.
The results of the survey will enable the CCNR to continue to draw up and improve appropriate rules for navigation of the Rhine, in close collaboration with the profession.

A summary of the results of the survey is to be published during the last quarter of 2017. The summary will be circulated electronically to all participants who gave an e-mail contact address.