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CLINSH looks for green entrepreneurs

Investigation into effectiveness of emission reducing and alternative fuels  United-Kingdom(Great-Britain)   Netherlands   Germany

The European demonstration project CLean INland SHipping (CLINSH) invests in sustainable waterborne transport. In February 2017, operators, who wish to make their vessels more sustainable, will be invited to tender on this project, on condition they are willing to add to existing knowledge about emissions-reducing technology.
The Dutch province of Zuid-Holland is the lead partner in the CLINSH project, which involves sixteen other partners in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Monitoring of results ‘conditio sine qua non’
The tender procedure addresses two groups of 15 vessels each. The first group has already installed equipment to reduce emissions or sail on alternative fuel. The other group will be fitted with the aforementioned equipment or will be adapted to alternative fuels.
Both groups will be fitted with monitoring equipment which measures emissions over a period of between one and two years. This will provide valuable information about the environmental performance of each technology and how its use affects operating costs.
The selected participants will receive financial compensation up to a certain amount.

Conditions of tendering and participation can be found in these press releases:                United-Kingdom(Great-Britain)   Netherlands   Germany