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Coherent framework for legislation and digitisation

Monday, August 30th ,  ETF, EBU, Aquapol and ESO had a meeting with DG-Move (Transport Directorate of the European Commission). The subject of the discussions was the common desire to make a coherent package of the forthcoming legislation regarding professional qualifications, manning requirements and developments in the field of digitisation.

As a sector, we always said:  first we want to start an adaptation of the legislation and only then develop ways to enforce these renewed laws and regulations.
DG-MOVE was pleased with the unanimous position of the sector.

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Survey results

Brussels/Rotterdam, 4 April 2016

Survey results regarding financial needs for modernisation

The European Skippers Organisation (ESO) and the European Barge Union (EBU) did launch a survey last October 2015 with which was aimed to identify the financing needs of the inland shipping entrepreneurs.

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