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ESO launches Barging Terms & Charterparty

ESO Inland Barging Terms & Charterparty version 1
Developed by ESO’s Commission for Tanker Shipping and ADN               pdf-versions      

Brussels, May 3rd, 2018. This day the ESO Inland Barging Terms & Charterparty were launched at the 4th European Oil Barge Conference, organised by ASDEM Ltd in Rotterdam. A step forward in the professionalisation of the inland tanker shipping sector.
The inland tanker shipping needed its own terms and charterparty just as any other professional sector. Therefore back in 2017 ESO started developing these.with a group of experts and members.


Mr. Co Abercrombie (director BLN-Schuttevaer) presenting Barging Terms & Charterparty

The development of the ESO Inland Barging Terms & Charterparty was done from the viewpoint of the shipowner/actual carrier. Striving for consensus as well as creating a document which can be used for negotiation, the ESO Inland Barging Terms & Charterparty form the basis for this. These terms can be seen as a modernisation of the current TTB-conditions or other common terms which are used today.

As a European branch organisation which defends the interests of the private inland shipping entrepreneurs, ESO took its responsibility to form basic terms and a charterparty which strengthens the position of the individual shipowner/actual carrier, active in the inland tanker shipping sector. Meanwhile ESO continues to support the entrepreneurs and create a modern and professional sector, in consensus with all parties involved.

You can download the ESO Inland Barging Terms & Charterparty here: Barging Terms & Charterparty.

At this moment the document is only available in the english language.